Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Testosterone is a sex hormone that is attributed to increased sex drive, libido, focus and helps in muscle growth. Since the hormone is produced naturally, it doesn’t have a front face side effect. But when you take it in the form of supplements, there can be quite a few side effects associated with it. In this article, we are going to take a look at the kinds of problems that are caused by overusing testosterone. We are going to go over them in detail and see if testosterone supplements are a way to go.

testosterone booster side effects

Why do people use testosterone boosters?

With the growth in age, a lot of people tend to face decreased testosterone levels. This can cause a person to be fatigued pretty quickly and make him weak as well. People also don’t have much libido when they get older and that can be very problematic. To minimize the effect of lowered testosterone, people tend to use alternatives like testosterone boosters. And sometimes, they end up with unwanted side effects.

What can the misuse of testosterone cause?

For people with low testosterone, you can easily use Testosterone supplementation but if you don’t have the need for testosterone yet continuously using it then, it can cause issues like small testicles, enlarged breasts, and infertility. Same goes with the overdose of testosterone boosters.

Does every testosterone booster have side effects?

Not all have side effects. There are two types of testosterone boosters:

  • Natural boosters that can be received from natural sources of food and these will not cause any side effect whatsoever. You should, however, take the natural testosterone boosters in the correct dosage.
  • Testosterone Supplements which are synthetic substitutes and depending on the brand, they can be a bit unhealthy. The kind of side effect depends on the quality of the supplement.

Testosterone Booster Side Effects

The range of side effects that can potentially take place when you take a lot of testosterone supplementation is quite staggering.  We will be going through every kind of side effect in detail.

Here are some of the side effects:

Heart Issues

Different Heart issues can arise if you are repeatedly taking testosterone supplements is shown by the research. The journal published in New England Medicine said that the study shows men over 65 years of age had chronic heart problems while using testosterone medication. This is a major issue as certain heart discomfort such as a heart attack can even result in death.

Allergic Reaction

A lot of people can get a major allergic reaction from testosterone. The reaction can cause difficulty in breathing, swelling of lips, face and throat as well as hives. If you see some allergic reaction then, get an emergency medical help if you get an allergy from testosterone.

Other Possible Side Effects

  • Chronic pain in chest, jaw, and shoulder
  • Ankles get swelled and you can gain weight as well
  • Sudden Cough, Rapid Breathing and Cold
  • Legs can have pain, swelling, and redness
  • Nausea/Vomiting when overdosed
  • Skin color can change as well
  • Unwanted Erect Penis along with impotence
  • Decreased semen secretion and the size of the testicle can decrease too
  •  Frequent Urination can occur along with dark-colored urine.
  • Shortness of breath is common
  • Stomach Pain, Constipation and  Increased thirst
  • Loss of appetite, clay-colored stool, jaundice, etc.

Testosterone Booster Side Effects in Women

If you are women and you are still using testosterone then you can have some side effects as well. if you continuously give testosterone to a woman then the effect can be irreversible. Here are the side effects that you can see in women:

  • Acne, which is related to hormonal imbalance in women.
  • Change in Menstrual periods can be seen
  • Excessive growth of hair
  • Voice can get hoarse or deep
  • The clitoris can get bigger
  • Swelled breasts are common
  • Mild Headache and Anxiety can occur
  • Male Baldness can take place in elderly women
  • Unnatural Sexual libido (increased or decreased sex interest)
  • A Numb feeling can occur
  • Pain or swelling can also be seen


Testosterone is a very important hormone when you secreted naturally. It is what makes a human man “manly”. Improper use of this hormone can lead to many problems that we discussed here. Apart from these problems, there are different types of mental health-related issues as well that stems from overusing testosterone. With that being said, it is advisable to use boosters in the limit. Only use them if you cannot get your testosterone to increase naturally. You can also do a testosterone therapy to increase it in a more scientific way. Another quick tip that we like to give is to get a good quality testosterone supplement.