The 6 Foods that Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

The 6 Foods that Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

We all know that Testosterone is an important hormone. It is a male sex hormone that impacts your sex drive but it does more than that. The hormone is responsible for bone and muscle health as well. Also, the hormone greatly improves hair growth, muscles and even hair growth.  Testosterone level in a person will decrease by 2 per cent per year. Factors like a medical condition, lifestyle choices and other factors can influence the hormone amount in the body. While the most effective way of increasing testosterone level is medication, today we are discussing the natural way. A good lifestyle and a solid diet are some of the ways to increase testosterone production in the human body.

Hypogonadism is another way to lose testosterone, it is a chronic disease that can prevent the secretion of testosterone. Food alone cannot be useful against hypogonadism so, you’d need a testosterone replacement therapy for treating this very disease.

However, if it is lifestyle and diet that is the main culprit behind your testosterone levels then, you’ve come to the right place. Consuming the right food with the right amount at the right time is very crucial for good T Levels and this is where we come in. You should be very mindful about the type of foods that you are consuming because hormones are made out of nutrients and food contains nutrients. The science is pretty simple as well.  We will talk about that now.

Testosterone Booster Foods



We have been reading from grade school that milk has calcium. It is good for your bones and it also has a lot of proteins. All of us have been encouraged to drink milk but in case of testosterone, there is one catch; you shouldn’t drink milk that as fat. See there are two types of milk; fat milk and skimmed milk. Make sure you drink skimmed milk and choose the milk brand that infuses skimmed milk with vitamin D. Unlike other food items in this list, you can take drink daily and still be healthy. But don’t use sugar with the milk. You can, however, use alternatives like jaggery powder or honey.  And yes, milk with saturated fat is prohibited. Get a good skimmed milk, boil it a while, and then take it hot or cold, with a little bit of honey!



As far as testosterone is concerned, beans are pretty important for increasing it. There are many kinds of beans, among them, White beans, kidney beans, and black beans are rich in vitamin D. They also have a good amount of zinc present in them. The best way to eat beans is to bake them. You can also eat fried beans with a little oil. In addition to increasing testosterone, beans are also rich in protein.



What is Tuna? Well, it’s a kind of fish. What does it have? Vitamin D of course! Tuna is a very healthy food that has an abundance of protein too. It is low in calorie and the protein here will help to improve muscle growth as well. It doesn’t have carbs and fats so, it is healthy for your heart. There are many variations of tuna; you can get it fresh or canned. We recommend fresh tuna but canned works too. It is will increase your vitamin D intake. Since it is a fish, most people can find it gross. Even non-veg people don’t like every non-veg food item so, if you are not a particularly a fan of tuna, what we’d recommend is you look for alternatives such as salmon or sardines. Do not overeat tuna though, it can upset your stomach if you eat it daily.



Eggs are tasty, and did you know? There are more than 100 ways to cook eggs! That kind of begs the question though, what is the correct way? Well, we are going to answer that. The thing with egg is that it can be both healthy and unhealthy at the same time. The white portion of the egg is very rich in protein and it can be a huge bonus for your muscle growth but sadly, that part doesn’t increase your testosterone, the egg yolk, on the other hand, is laced with vitamin D so, you know what it does! There is one disadvantage to the egg yolk though, it is saturated fat and can increase cholesterol levels. What you can do is take egg yolk every 2-3 days and you will be fine, or you can also take the whole egg twice a week. What about the cooking methodology? Scramble, Boil or Omlet? Well, don’t go for omelette because it will add more saturated fats and that is not something that we recommend. What about scrambled eggs? Well, it’s fine but don’t eat it all the time. The best way to eat eggs is to boil it. You can half boil or full boil an egg, to your liking. You can also use a little bit of rock salt to season it and then consume it. Remember, use rock salt and not the iodine salt.



If you are a Hindu, then you might want to stop reading! But yeah, Beef is a testosterone booster. It has a lot of nutrients that are related to increased T levels. Since beef is a major source of protein, it has a hefty amount of Zinc in it. This makes it one of the best sources of testosterone. While there are people who will tell you how red meat isn’t consumable, that is only partially true. Yes, the overconsumption of Beef can lead to many problems but it’s not as bad as people claim it to be. One of the major problems with beef is that it has a lot of fat and that scares a lot of people. Beef is also linked to colon cancer and that can be quite a letdown for many. Beef liver has a good amount of Vitamin D while ground beef and chuck roast is filled with Zinc. One way to keep the fats in check is to select the lean cuts only.

Sea Food

Seafood such as Oysters and Shellfish are also some of the best food items that you can consume for testosterone. We all know how vital zinc is for our body. Whether you are an adult or you are hitting puberty, zinc is definitely important for you.  Oysters are very rich in Zinc and you should consider it as a part of your diet. Similarly, you can eat crab or lobster occasionally as they are also good sources of zinc.  Shellfish can be taken as well. All these seafood are pretty easier to digest and have an ample supply of essential nutrients.

How can food help to increase testosterone?

As we have already established the connection between food and hormone, the science that takes place is that some of the foods release nutrients like phytoestrogens that spikes your testosterone levels. A lot of research has gone into it so, many food items can help release this very nutrient for better testosterone production but remember there are also testosterone booster side effects.

You can first visit your doctor and test for low testosterone. Make sure you don’t have hypogonadism. If you do have this disease then, it is recommended that you undergo a testosterone replacement therapy. If not then, in collaboration with your doctor’s recommendation, you may consider testosterone boosting foods. Normally, foods rich in Vitamin D and zinc have the main importance. The section below will focus on the food items that have an abundance of these elements so that your overall testosterone level can increase.

Does Testosterone Booster Foods cure hypogonadism?

We have talked about it earlier. While a healthy diet can change the low T level, they’re not the cure for hypogonadism. A thorough examination is needed for you to determine whether there is hypogonadism or not. For it, you can do the testosterone replacement therapy. If the diagnosis is positive then,  you can use tablet or pills as the medication, skin patches, injections, gels etc. These medications have their own side effects so, you should take it only if you have a prescription, don’t get over the counter medication. You should also make sure that the treatment you’re taking doesn’t harm your body in the long run.



You are what you eat so, if you eat food products laced with a lot of testosterone, then you can produce testosterone as well. You know now the ins and outs of testosterone production. All you have to do is take food products rich in zinc and vitamin D making sure that you don’t take additional fats in the process.  You should also take into account the dosage. We are not telling you to eat testosterone boosting food items every single day. But you can definitely alter between various choices and take it every 2-3 weeks. Along with the food, we also recommend a decent exercise regiment that will probably be helpful to increase the testosterone level. If this doesn’t work then, you have but only one choice and that is to undergo medication.